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1 channels plus 1 for temperature

EMEC Controller MTower SReich


  • Water treatment
  • Cooling towers
  • Industrial-level chemical dosing
  • Depuration
  • Agriculture
  • Swimming pools disinfection


  • Flow control
  • Easy control by ENCODER wheel with "EASY-NAV" rotation
  • Local and remote controlled
  • Permanent data storage with system log
  • PT100 temperature probe
  • Automatic or manual dosing activity

EMEC DOSING PUMP THAILAND S Reich Official Distributor

"LD Encoder" series - Single Reading Controller + Temperature



LDSPH: controller for pH
LDSRH: controller for ORP
LDSCL: controller for Chlorine(measuring range based on the probe)
LDSCD: controller for Conductivity
LDSCDIND: controller for Inductive Conductivity (for ECDINDPT probe)
LDSTORBH: controller for Turbidity (for ETORBH probe)
LDSDO: controller for dissolved oxygen (for EOLUM probe)

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