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KUTE "คิวท์"

Multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser concentrate

KUTE is a concentrated, water-based cleaner of removing rough soils such as grease, oil, soot, and ground-in dirt. Highly-active cleansing agents to reduce cleaning time and effort.

Features & Benefit

  • Non flammable; water based formular (No Solvent)
  • Concentrate; water soluble
  • Biodegradable; environmental friendly
  • Non Corrosive; safe for surface

Application include

  • Clean up all hard surfaces, floors, walls, fiberglass, metal, nylon, porcelain, ceramic tile, rubber, concrete, marble, linoleum.
  • Recommended for soot buildup, cooking grease, and heavier industrial cleaning problems, equipment and machinery degreasing, and many other applications.
  • For Heavy Duty; easy to remove oil, grease, black carbon, dirt, and etc.

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